The” Glera”.

The origin of the local vine PROSECCO has inspired endless debates . The success of our wine is too big : so many people have claimed the authorship of it. Finally, the historical and scientific research has definitively attested that the vine” father “of grapes PROSECCO is the” GLERA”. Nowadays   Glera ( from Glaera ? Gravel?) is still present on the hillsides of Carso in Trieste where you can find a small village called Prosecco. The story of Prosecco started from there and it reached the   top among the hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. At Valdobbiadene the vine expanded on the hills and slopes of Santo Stefano to the mountains in the north and to Follo in the south.


Our vineyards are located on steep slopes facing the Follo and they are clearly visible from our winery.

The winter pruning is made using wooden stakes and willow shrubs. The vine branches left from the pruning are packed up by hand, and in part utilized for the fireplace.

The fungicidal treatment , in summer, are limited with certified products.

The mowing is done by hand and the grass is placed   on the ground of the grapevines to feed them.

The grape harvest is alsomanual .

The small winery is next to the house: inside it the steel has replaced the old wood of thehomemade barrels of our grandparents. The steel ensures maximum hygiene and a slow fermentation.